Mt. Wheeler Power Cooperative

2022 Mt. Wheeler Power Board of Directors

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Board Agenda



White Pine High School: 

Matt Van Tassell; Paola Godina Salas; Nola Bovi; Jesse Rogan

Kaylee Cracraft; Morgan Hendrickson; Kaycee Schulz; Kaelyn Roman; Octavio Perez

EskDale High School: 

Danielle Kathryn Hayward; Jenna Conrad; Samuel J. Roberts

Eureka High School: 

Isabella Minoletti; Kyra Todd; Adrian Cruz McLucas

Lund High School: 

Justin Rimington; Jackson Griffin; Sara Dowl

Graduation Cap

District 9 Candidates Biography's

Congratulations Ron Niman

2022 Election Results- Winner Ron Niman

2022 Dist. 9 Election Winner, Ron Niman



2022 Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting Post Card

The 2022 Annual Meeting Presentation  

Even though we are not meeting in person this year, there is still an opportunity to win great prizes. Contact us by May 4, 2022 and update your contact information. Updated information is the best way for us to reach you. Once you have completed your update you will be entered to win one of many great prizes up for grabs this year. 

Annual Meeting

In a Democratic Environment, You Have a Responsibility.

The 2022 Annual Election of the Board of Directors District 9

Cooperatives invite participation, every member, in good standing of the cooperative can vote for a director in their district, in fact, it is important to the survival of the coop to have an active membership. 

As an owner of the co-op, you share in the responsibility of its success. It goes beyond using the co-op’s resources wisely. That responsibility goes for serving as an active advocate of the cooperative.

Ballots will be mailed out on March 21st to all members residing in District 9. Please follow the voting instructions carefully, it is the only way you can be sure your vote is counted. Ballot return envelopes must be signed, and returned by April 22, 2022. 

“Our valuable business organization rely on members taking their rights and responsibilities seriously. Without active member participation our cooperative will be left with members who do not understand the fundamental purpose of cooperative principles, or the sacrifices made to bring electricity to this rural community”

Shellie Watts, Member Services Manager/HR Manager

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