greenwayGreenway Program

Mt. Wheeler Power can also help you begin a routine of being environmentally friendly with their GreenWay program. 

This program was established in 2001 as a means to provide opportunities for our membership to support the efforts of small companies developing renewable energy options. Wind, solar, hydro and biomass are all part of energy technologies. 

Here’s how our program works; you can sign up to receive green power in 100kWh blocks at the additional cost of $1.95 per block. Learn more here or call us, one of our Member Service Representatives will be happy to assist you. 

By choosing to receive “green power” somewhere on the Western power grid an exact amount of power equivalent to your usage is being produced by a renewable power producer, and the premium you pay is supporting that production.

Some people consider it their way of thinking about the environment, but to us, it’s simply providing options to our members.