newmemberNew Member Application Info

Looking to apply for Mt. Wheeler Power membership?  

Mt. Wheeler Power membership requires an application and because we are a member-owned utility (Cooperative) a deposit is required to begin service.

You can download the application here and bring it into our Ely or Eureka office. You'll need two forms of identification i.e. state issued driver's license, social security card, birth certificate, or a passport or you can have your id's notarized and fax everything to us.

The deposit is based on a monthly average usage at the location which is multiplied by 4. You have several options regarding the deposit. The deposit can be paid up front to connect service, or you can to choose to pay ½ to connect service with a signed promissory to pay the additional ½ within two weeks. If you feel you have good credit you can choose to have your credit checked for a fee of $10.00. If you’re under a 7% delinquency risk rate we will waive the deposit, keep in mind if your risk is over 7% the deposit is required. Your final option is to add a co-signer to your account. This requires that a member with an on-time 12-month pay history co-signs on your account.

Once you have provided 12 consecutive months of on-time pay your deposit becomes eligible to be credited back to your power account.

If you have any questions regarding our application process, please feel free to contact our member service department at 775-289-8981 or 800-97-POWER.